From World University in Ojai Catalog  (Paragraph 700)

The mission of the World University is to expose its students to the many contributions in science, philosophy and religion in Eastern and Western cultures. The mission transcends the limited paradigms of race, nationality, gender, age and religion. Further, it wishes to provide a ladder of awareness by which the students may become aware of their own potential possibilities and advance towards the full realization of their latent abilities. The World University seeks to develop in its students ethical standards of morality which will enable them to respond to the changing values of the environment from a global stand-point. The mission of the World University consists of: The Globalization of Consciousness, the Spiritualization of Education and the awakening of man and the realization of one’s potentials. The Missions and Objectives of the World University can be summarized as follows:

  1. The Globalization of Consciousness:
    • Through the comparative studies of East-West cultures, the student will be better able to think globally and for the good of the greatest number.
  2. The Spiritualization of Education:
    • Through an ethical orientation curriculum.
    • Through the comparative study of the world’s great religions, all of which affirm the basic and traditional spiritual values, as well as the non-physical or spiritual nature of man.
    • Through the study of mankind’s inherent unity, interconnectedness, and interdependence.
  3. The Awakening of Man and the Realization of One’s Potentials:
    • Through self-discovery in meditation, yoga and philosophy, and awakening the inherent goodness in man, leading to the practice of loving, caring and tolerance to one and all.
    • Through therapeutic service such as that of the MFT Program.

Distance Learning

Furthermore, World University has adopted another mode of teaching that is Distance Learning.

The purpose of the educational programs of the World University is to assist students in the process of self-discovery and prepare them for service in the community. Self-discovery is done through conscious exploration of man’s physical, emotional, mental and intuitive dimensions. These are addressed in the disciplines of Philosophy, Psychology and Religious Studies. Specifically, the educational programs are designed to provide a broad-based content of instruction for adult learners who exemplify the need for life-long learning in modern society.

To fulfill this purpose, the World University’s objectives are to awaken the student’s latent Abilities, to stimulate personal creative expression, to develop research skills, to gather the knowledge necessary to fulfill career goals, and to grow in awareness as to how one can contribute service to humanity and to himself as a human being.

Through the alumni, faculty and the students who are already practicing in their chosen fields, the University serves the growing population of Ventura and adjacent counties by providing the needed help in personal, social and intercultural activities. It is here that the comprehensive perspectives of those trained at the University are of special value.

These broad Mission Goals provide direction for identification of the overall program learning objectives specified for:

a) Each of the Vocational Certificate Programs;
b) the B.A. Completion Program, and
c) the two M.A. Degree Programs.