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Street Address:

107 N. Ventura St., Ojai, California 93023

Mailing Address:
World University,   P.O. Box 1567
Ojai, CA  93024-1567

Telephone: (805) 646-1444

Administrative Officers:

CEO and President:
Thor L. Reyes, M.D.

Chief Academic Officer:
Tita C. Reyes, Ph.D.

Assistant Chief Academic Officer:
Adita Casimiro, MA.

Chief Operating Officer/Financial Officer:
Nourhalma L Reyes, M.A.

Administrative Officer & Acting Registrar
Alcor Mizar L. Reyes, M.A.  (send message)

Web Services and Technical Support:
Dennis Rivers, M.A. (send message)

Advertising & Marketing Officer
Ramel Reyes, B.A.

Core Faculty & Faculty Liaison:
John Griffin, Ph.D. (Member of Executive Committee)

World Institute of Avasthology dba World University of America in Ojai is a non-profit corporation organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The World University of America has been granted an Institutional Approval to provide degree programs with the provisions of California Educational Code(s) 94900 and 94915 by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.