Arts & Lectures Series on Wednesdays, 7pm

+ Additional Special Events


World U Auditorium, 107 N. Ventura, Ojai

(If you have interest in speaking or presenting your arts, please contact Nora Reyes, Director of Arts & Lectures, (805) 646-1444.)

Wednesday, June 20

ARTS: Aviva Gold presents “Tapping Your Creative Source”

Spend an evening with an Arts Medicine Woman and author of “Painting From the Source” (book and workshop). Experience a taste of channeling from your creative dream body with crayon and paper. Many writers and painters have cleared creative blocks with this natural Source-given process. 

“Every human being is an artist. As adults we can recreate the boundless joy of unself-conscious art by setting aside intellectual critique and self-doubt and reconnect with ‘the Source’ – the spiritual center others may call instinct or soul.” -Aviva

For more information, visit:

Wednesday, June 27

Film “Briars in the Cottonpatch” and Q&A with producer Sequoia Hamilton. This PBS, Emmy winning documentary chronicles the idea and birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, the most successful charity in the history of the United States.

Sequoia, former International Special Events director for Habitat for Humanity International, lived on this 600-acre organic farm with her family during the production of this film and has been a volunteer with both Koinonia and Habitat for Humanity for more than 25 years.

Synopsis: Possibly the most daring social experiment in the South during the last century, Koinonia Farm—where races of all color lived in ONENESS and on equal terms— found itself faced with terror, boycotts and intimidation in the years leading up to the tumultuous Civil Rights era. Broadcast on PBS stations nationwide and featured at the Ojai Film Festival in 2003, this award winning documentary (Emmy for writing) is a compelling chronicle of heroic humility and uncommon courage.

Wednesday, July 4 – (No event tonight. Enjoy the fireworks!)

Wednesday, July 11

LECTURE& WORKSHOP: Patricia Fry “How to Write a

Winning Book Proposal.

Wednesday, July 18

LECTURE: Carrie Triffet 

Wednesday, July 25

LECTURE: Gwendolyn Alley

Wednesday, August 1 – No Arts & Lectures for August

Wednesday, August 8 – No Arts & Lectures for August

Wednesday, August 15 – No Arts & Lectures for August

Wednesday, August 22 – No Arts & Lectures for August

Wednesday, August 29 – No Arts & Lectures for August

Wednesday, September 5 – TBA

Wednesday, September 12 –

LECTURE: “Self-Exile: A No Land Experience” presented by Dr. Claudia Volpe-Konieczny, Professor at California State University Channel Islands

“I was born in Colombia, South America – a  daughter of an inmigrant “gringa” (American mother), and an Italian father. I experienced “reverse racism” in a Chicano-based culture: the lack of belonging and the absence and distance from that particular culture. And how, today back in the U.S., with my thick Spanish accent, I feel a sense of exile too, and a lack of belonging. All of this is a journey to find “oneness.”

Wednesday, September 19 – TBA

Wednesday, September 26 – TBA

Wednesday, October 3 – TBA

Wednesday, October 10 – TBA

Wednesday, October 17 – TBA

Wednesday, October 24 – TBA

Wednesday, October 31 – TBA


(If you have interest in speaking or presenting your arts, please contact the Director of Arts & Lectures, Sequoia Hamilton at or (805) 669-7373.)

ENCORE during Black History Month, Feb 2013

FILM & Q&A with Sequoia Hamilton. “BRIARS IN THE COTTONPATCH: The Story of Koinonia Farm” (The Birthplace of Habitat for Humanity)

Possibly the most daring social experiment in the South during the last century, Koinonia Farm—where races of all color lived in ONENESS and on equal terms— found itself faced with terror, boycotts and intimidation in the years leading up to the tumultuous Civil Rights era. Broadcast on PBS stations nationwide and featured at the Ojai Film Festival in 2003, this award winning documentary (Emmy for writing) is a compelling chronicle of heroic humility and uncommon courage.

Introduction and post-film Q&A with one of the producers, Ojai resident Sequoia Hamilton. Sequoia lived at Koinonia Farm with her family, was the International Director of Special Events with Habitat for Humanity International in Americus, Georgia, and has volunteered with HFH for 25+ years including leading numerous Global Village Trips (building trips) around the world.



World U’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and son of the founder Benito Reyes kicks off the new Monday night Arts & Lecture series with a deep look into Oneness.

Feb 13 – LECTURE: Dr. Shauna Mathis, founder of Humanity Lab – “HUMANITY: The Laboratory of Oneness”

Humanity Lab is grounded in the science of brain neurology, evolutionary psychology and epigenetics. The scientific foundation of the labs is based upon the work of the most respected leading edge scientists such as Candace Pert, Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, Joan Borysenko, and Bruce Lipton.


What is shame and what is it doing to the quality of your life? Learn how to recognize its grip on your life and turn it into your biggest asset. We are all on an equal playing field when it comes to dealing with shame in our lives. 

February 27 SPECIAL EVENT: Prana Miller – “OVER AND BACK”

Spend an evening with Prana Miller, as he describes in great detail his Near-Death Experiences.

What is it like to die, and then return to your “Earth-Suit” (physical body)? How does life on earth relate to the workings of the greater physical and non-physical universe? Why were you born?… On this particular planet?… At this particular time in history?

Come hear Prana’s amazing stories about his time spent outside of his physical body, and his suggestions about how we can apply that wisdom into our daily lives to experience a more joyous time on the “earth-plane”.

March 7 LECTURE: Bob Salas – “The UFO Phenomena Brings Us Closer to Oneness on Earth”

There are many indications the UFO phenomena has been experienced by humans for thousands of years. The modern era of encounters with these ‘unidentified’ craft flying began in 1947 and continues to this day. There is testimony of literally thousands of credible witnesses who have had experiences related to UFOs. A significant number of these experiences cannot be explained by the application scientific or practical reasoning.  As a result of this overwhelming evidence, Mr. Salas has concluded that these objects and their occupants are of extra-terrestrial origin. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that we are not alone in the universe and that we are a part of a greater community of living, intelligent beings. 

This presentation will center around the reality that earth’s humanity and its cultures, societies, and intelligences are not solitary but part of the fabric of life in the universe.  If we accept this reality, how should we now consider it implications? How should we speak as one voice for earth?

March 14 FILM: Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie “SHIFT: AMBITION TO MEANING: Finding Your Life’s Purpose”

In this compelling film, explore the spiritual journey from ambition to meaning. The powerful shift from the ego constructs that we’re taught early in life by parents and society—which promote achievement and accumalation—are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back.

March 21 LECTURE: Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. – “ONENESS IN RELATIONSHIPS: The Hidden Barrier That Blocks It, The Practical Step That Invites It”

In working with more than 4,000 couples during the past 35 years, Dr. Hendricks discovered a barrier to closeness that almost all the couples were unaware of. Dr. Hendricks explains: “In the early 70s when I was working on my doctorate at Stanford, I had the opportunity to learn from the great developmental psychiatrist, Margaret Mahler. Her work centers on the two powerful developmental needs of the first year of life: oneness and individuation. She argues that you cannot have successful oneness if you do not also have full individuation. I realized that this insight applied particularly well to couples in their relationships, and began using it in my practice. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to see many couples as they blossomed into a greater ability to be in harmony and oneness with each other by opening up a greater sense of themselves as autonomous individuals.”

Dr. Hendricks will demonstrate the techniques he and his wife, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, have developed for moving through barriers to closeness and intimacy. A Q&A period will follow.

Special Events during OJAI WORDFEST, March 24-31:

POETRY NIGHT, hosted by local poet Akka b, Monday, March 26. A vibrant, irreverent, and fresh collection of works by Ojai Poets and Spoken Word artists. 

BEFORE YOU DIE Writing Workshop: “Five Important Lists to Write Before You Die” with Sequoia Hamilton, Wednesday, March 28. We are all going to die. So take one hour to pen “legacy gifts” for those you love. Whether you are 88 or 18, share your dreams and wishes in your own words. 

Wednesday, April 4


Sharing a chapter in your book, America’s Holidays & Heroes, Miller will explore the roles of three mothers during the Spring holidays of Easter and Passover: Moses’ mother, Pharaoh’s daughter & Mary, the mother of Jesus. 

Wednesday, April 11

LECTURE: Darina Stoyanova – “BEST OF TED – World Changing Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of” 

Did you know that there is a proven technology to print human organs, real & transplantable ones that has been applied for more than 10 years? Or that there is a way to test water instantaneously & cheaply, with a new device called ‘water canary’? Or that there is a brilliantly simple solution for correcting vision at the lowest cost possible – amazing adjustable liquid-filled lenses & a global plan to distribute them to billion people in need by 2020?

Have you heard that there is a laser that zaps malaria, a lab the size of a postage stamp or a 3D printer the size of a ball? Not to mention the driverless car & the car for the blind & the prosthetic eye that treats blindness & the prosthetic arm that ‘feels’.

Open your mindheart & learn about all these & many more world changing ideas & inventions in this insightful & interactive presentation of the Best TED ideas & beyond.

Wednesday, April 18

SPECIAL EVENT: Diane Silvester, owner of Soul Centered – a Metaphysical Shoppe presents “RAISE YOUR VIBE HEALING” 

Be immersed in a compilation of Energy modalities, resulting in a palatable experience of the elevation of your vibration. (Warning: This can be life changing!)


Wednesday, April 25


Come learn about Ojai’s ecological communities, communing with plants, and more. Lanny will take us on a slideshow tour of our local native plant habitats from the local creeks through the meadows, the river bottom, the chaparral and even up to the pine forest. Along the way, he’ll discuss the interdependence of the communities of plants and animals that live around us with a special emphasis on our place, as humans, in the ecosystem. As time permits, Lanny will share information about uses of specific plants by the Chumash, early settlers, and both historical and modern American herbalists.

Starting in MAY 2012 all Lectures and Arts – $10

Wednesday, May 2

LECTURE: What is Mediumship? Learn about John of God & Oprah’s Recent Visit to See Him in Brazil.

Learn about the legendary Brazilian healer “John of God” ( and the fascinating practice of Mediumship with two John of God guides, Ojai residents Deb Court and Sequoia Hamilton.

Wednesday, May 9

ARTS: Raymond Power presents “Sound Meditation Healing Journey” with flutes, zither, frame drum, singing and humming.

The first musicians, the pioneers, were not really trying to create music, they were trying some way to convey the silence, the beauty, the calmness, the soothingness that they felt in meditation. In fact all the arts have their origin in meditation, but music comes the closest, because music is the closest, because music is nothing but a play between sound and silence. To the ordinary musician the sound is important. To the master musician the silence is important. He uses sound only to create silence. He raises sound to a high pitch and then drops it so suddenly that you fall into a deep silence.

Wednesday, May 16

LECTURE: Ojai Valley Green Coalition presents “Food Talk” with Dulanie Ellis

Includes short film on Food Gardening Movement.


Wednesday, May 23

LECTURE: “Legend of the Sphinx” presented by Mike Schultz

Film producer Mike Schultz will present a lecture on legendary creatures, and animal/human hybrids in our mythological past such as the Sphinx and Centaur. He will also present a film clip of ancient stone ruins from Europe, South Africa and distant sites.  Could these be the remnants of the Annunaki, or the elusive Nephilim mentioned in the Bible? He’ll bring forth evidence from the ancient Sumerian Clay Tablets…Come explore the fascinating Ancient Alien Theory, and bring an open mind! Find out more about Mike’s films at

Wednesday, May 30

LECTURE: Reconciling Individuality and Universality through Interdependence” presented by Nancy Gross, Editor and Publisher of The Bubble

The Bubble, a Feature and Literary Magazine for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, appeared on the scene with the following assertion: “There is really no limit to what The Bubblecan contain…” It is growing up with this self-definition: “Finding the Universal in the Local.

“In each issue I put together, I publish a rather startling array of creative writing, journalistic writing, art, photography and information. While there is often celebration of individual art and achievements, it is within a context of showcasing our communities. The whole becomes much more than if somebody had to sift through the regional landscape to come across all the individual parts. A publication like this honors the role of the editor who does the gathering and sifting, but that role would be nonexistant without a continual supply of offerings, and the collaboration of contributors and businesses. The Bubble is so much bigger than me, and contributors sometimes bring something to the table that changes and molds the publication long term. We all need one another, and every submission becomes part of the setting for all the other ‘gems’ within.” Nancy will be joined by a few contributors to The Bubble who will read aloud work thatfurther emphasizes the oneness of the human experience.

Wednesday, June 6

LECTURE: “The Ending of Psychological Time” presented by Jacob Sluijter, Executive Director of The Krishnamurti Foundation of America

An introduction by Jaap Sluijter into the topic of “Psychological Time”, followed by a video of J.Krishnamurti talking about this topic and some time for discussion.

“Psychological time exists only when there is comparison, when there is a distance to be covered between ‘what is’ and ‘what should be’, which is the desire to become somebody or nobody, all that involves psychological time and the distance to be covered. So one says, is there a tomorrow, psychologically? And this you will not be able to answer. Is there tomorrow – ‘tomorrow’ having come into being because I have had a moment of complete freedom, a complete feeling of something, and it has gone. I would like to keep it, to make it last. Making it last is a form of greed. We struggle to achieve that thing again. All this is implied in psychological time. When you have some experience of joy, of pleasure or whatever it is, live it completely and do not demand that it should endure, because then you are caught in time.” [J.Krishnamurti, Talks to American Students]

SPECIAL EVENT: Sunday June 10

World U Open House, 2-5pm

The public is invited to tour the campus of World University and hear stories from its 30 year history.

3pm Welcome & Presentation – “Son of My Father” by Dr. Thor Reyes, M.D., Chairman of Board of World University and son of founder of World University Benito F. Reyes. Refreshments will be served.


Wednesday, June 13

LECTURE: Raymond Powers presents “SoundTrack of The Soul: How Music Tells Our Story.”

There is music that represents certain phases or specific moments in our life. When we hear them it evokes emotions, memories, images.

Through story and music, Raymond Powers will be sharing his journey, from birth to present, accompanied by the soundtrack that so powerfully expressed and continues to influence his life. A participatory experience, he will encourage the audience to create a map, a playlist for their lives as well.